Explorable questions

I really like explorable explanations. I tried making one before, but I soon realized that I have more questions than answers.

Existing questions

When I have a question, I usually go on r/learnmath or r/learnmachinelearning. Sometimes, I understand the answer and sometimes I don't.

If I ask a question on Stack Overflow, the response to my question - if I even get one - is usually berating me for asking the question in the first place.

My goal is to get better answers from the questions I post online.

The best answers

The best answers I get online connect what I know to what I don't know.

A related concept: zone of proximal development

good questions → good answers

In order to get a good answer, I need to post a good question.

Question template

Good answers feel familiar

Good answers explain the unknown in terms of the known.

The question answering template: re-use the images and words from before to explain something new.

Answer template

The question answerer should draw over/edit images submitted by the question asker.

Template improvement ideas