my best days

bethesda fountain in Central Park
plants fountain water trees
don't the plants in the fountain look so delicious? not delicious like for eating, but delicious like when you admire how robustly and satisfyingly alive something (or someone) is. seductively alive, i think about how these plants manage to thrive in a man made fountain. i can thrive too.

thich nhat hanh is always talking (if you have read his books) about how the lotus flower has to blossom in the mud. joy and suffering are connected. joy can only blossom after you have experienced suffering.

sometimes i lean my nose down and smell the fountain water. i also just dip my fingers in it and smell my fingers. i hope i don't damage the plants. it smells interesting though. i like the color.

in early 2022 i joined multiple climate justice organizations because i was freaking out about all the trees being cut down around the city. i still freak out but the only way i calmed down enough to function and be part of society was remembering that i am nature, not separate or disconnected. my rest heals the planet. when i heal, nature heals. i feel like spending time near the water is the ultimate rest.

bethesda terrace in Central Park
childhood turtles rest stillness
sports that take place on large bodies of water remind me of my childhood. i loved jet skiing, paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing.

turtle zoomed in
i love to see others rest.
when i go to the park, i always imagine myself dipping into the fountain or the lake. i don't know how i would do it. would i float? i want to feel what the fish and the turtles are feeling. it looks so good, like when you swim for a long time and then come up on the shore to dry off. i want to get drenched in flowery greens and come up for air and then go back in. no other plans.